HAIL SEIZURES – “FOR THE RUIN” is being sent to get pressed this week! Our friend the Joester worked super hard on the mixing and it sounds awesome. so big thanks to him… and to Josh from swordfern/black oak who is doing the artwork. its looking seriously rad. Our album release show will be may 26 in Olympia at STRIKE WEST FEST.

Here is the track listing:
1. Last Transmission
2. Ruined It
3. Hunter
4. Daddy
5. Crossroads
6. Hurt and Hurting
7. Weight of our Words
8. Stolen Speech
9. Well
10. Song for the Ride


4 thoughts on “NEW ALBUM!

  1. Conor Estes says:

    if you could send me a link to the mailorder list so i know how to get one thx

  2. Bruce Wilkinson says:

    You all want to play at a music benefit for the caravan to the US Social Forum at the Procession Studio on June 11th.
    Music performances by… KNOTPINEBOX – THE BUDDAH MAGOO – DANNY KELLY – MUDCAT with more to be added. Let me know if you all are interested
    in playing, I’ll try and make it to your show tonight.

  3. Hayley says:

    Hey Hail Seizures,
    a group of my friends and I saw you at Folklife and thought you were AMAZING! I’m sure it was incredibly difficult to play all weekend for hours on end, and it proves how dedicated you all are.
    Also, we noticed that you drew more of a crowd than a lot of the mainstage bands.
    I coach at Seattle University, so I if you play in the Seattle area, I will definitely spread the word to the college crowd.

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