dear friends!
a very serious and sincere thank you to everyone who helped set up a show, came to show, danced your face off, let us stay with you, and shared your town with us on this last tour. it was unbelievably rad!

we are back in olympia, and not gonna play shows for a couple months. and thanks for all the mailorders with your weird, kind, and funny letters. bye for now.
-hail seizures


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  1. Tasia Edmonds says:

    Dearest Hail Seizures!!!!!

    You are my favorite band, no joke! I’ve been hearing you for about a year now and every time I see a traveling band on the street corner, I do a double take. Yeah, I know Denver is full of stupid yuppies, but if you ever come here I know dozens of people who would love to get you a show. The main reason I am commenting is because I am trying to learn Stranger in the House by ear, because I think it would be a great cover to scream at the yuppies while I’m busking. If you feel like sending me the lyrics to that song, I could busk it over and over then possibly have enough money to obtain one of those flying squirrel patches for my vest. Or a shirt. I dunno.
    Lots of lovin,

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