we are going on a US tour with CHIN UP MERIWETHER!!!

August 17th: Spokane,WA @ 1809 east 1st
August 21st: minot, ND @ pangea house
August 22nd: Fargo, ND @ the aquarium w/ SHELL SHAG, the ARRIVALS
August 23rd: Minneapolis, MN @ paper moose 945 broadway
August 24th: Winona, WI @ latch island w/ frosef and more
August 25th: Chicago @ kedzie st house w/ big soda
August 26th: Bloomington, IN @ Old Ft. Wayne – 1020 w. 7th st.
August 27th: Louisville, KY @ 1113 Logan St.
August 28th: Akron, OH @ Annabell’s (782 w market) w/ RIVERBURNERS and ARM THEM ALL
August 29th: Athens, OH @ browntown (35 brown st) 7pm
August 30th: Pittsburgh, PA @ 30/30 house
August 31st: Buffalo, NY @ 92 bird ave the bird house

September 1st: Ithica, NY @ silent city w/ ATTICA ATTICA
September 2nd: Montpellier,Vermont @ Bike Co-op
September 3rd: Portland, ME @ 29 Poland Ave
September 4th: Worcester, Mass @ 11 Forbes
September 5th: Brooklyn, NY @ LULU’s (113 Franklin St) w/ the fish
September 6th: NYC @ 885 Willoughby St. Brooklyn 6 p.m
September 7th: Philadelphia, PA new address! 1712 W diamond ave! IHOP house?
September 8th: No Show! what the fuck east coast? surgery day…
September 9th: Baltimore, MD @ bell foundry (1539 N Calvert St) w/ alex and the imagnary friends, more
September 10th: Washington DC
September 11th: Richmond, VA @ The Catacombs
September 12th: Asheville, NC @ The Get Down
September 13th: Ida!, TN
September 14th: Chattanooga, TN @ Anarchtica
september 15th: Atlanta, GA @ poop party house (227 wilber ave) w/ the HEATHENS
September 16th: Athens, GA @ las cochitas w/ KREAMY LECTRIC SANTA, WADE BOGGS
September 17th: talahassee, FL @ AF House 1890 Mill St.
September 18th: New Orleans @ End of the World 9pm w/ Shakes and the Lindseys! This is it! We shall party till there aint no party no more! There is more specific info about the address somewhere in the abyss of the internet, if we find it and can post it, we will. Else, find it yourselves!

THE FOLLOWING SHOWS ARE NOT HAIL SEIZURES, but jeff and camille’s other band SHARKPACT (thrash pop punk) is finishing the tour with CHIN UP MERIWETHER!

sept 19 Austin, TX @ house of commons w/ THESE ARE WORDS
sept 20 Los Cruces, NM @ trainyard (102 Conway Space 3W) w/ SHANGALANG, HOLY SHIT
sept 21 Tuscon, AZ @ boxing gym
sept 22 Flagstaff, AZ @ cottage house w/ GROG
sept 23 LA-Pomona, CA @ @ VLHS(254 san loranzo) w/ PEANUT BUTTER AND JAMAGE
sept 24 santa cruz, CA @ witch house
sept 25 oakland, CA @ corner of McArther and MLK
sept 26 portland, OR @ alleyway


24 thoughts on “US TOUR!

  1. Come to Canada! 😀

    Just don’t come to Barrie, Ontario where I live; busking is illegal here without a permit, because the people who make the laws here are greedy assholes. I guess they are in most places though.

    But come to Toronto! 😀

  2. Where in Olympia? D:

  3. juan says:

    please come to arcata or eureka

  4. lisa says:

    Hey instead of Houston come to San Antonio tx, there’d be a good turn out for yall, email me if ur interested 🙂

  5. Malthas says:

    You guys should do something with Raum in LA/Santa Cruz if they’re still in cali when you guys are here 😀

  6. Please Please come play Akron, Ohio!

  7. Davey says:

    If possible change one of the ohio shows to akron? we could set you up at a bar or house your choice. and a place to stay

  8. i am sure i can help you guys get a show in Akron along with a place to stay, warm food and cold beer.

  9. Jeff says:

    Really glad the tour is starting in Spokane! Where are you playing though?

  10. Brook Trout says:

    If you want to attend totalfest in missoula you all can crash at my house, plus I contacted a Billings music guy to hopefully get you a good place to play in Billings and erase the question mark after Billings on your agenda.

  11. Jeff says:

    please come back to san diego. We miss you.
    -Jeff from SDP.

  12. Jeff says:

    PS, if you need help in the New england area let me know, i know a ton of people out there.

  13. Baby Jesus says:

    You spelled Bethlehem wrong.

  14. I have loads of contacts in the Northeast (and East Coast, and Midwest, and pretty much everywhere else in the country) that would work really well with you guys. Send me an email, and I will hook you guys up big time.

  15. nathan says:

    where at in chicago?
    (so excited)

  16. Sarah says:

    just wondering where the “abandoned apartment” in buffalo is, dying to see you guys play, please email me or reply back here!

  17. tiffany says:

    where is the catacombs in richmond? also, you should play in roanoke, va. you can stay at my house and i will feed you tons of food and booze or whatever you likes. 🙂 i ❤ you guys and just moved here from seattle so it will be super awesome to see you again.

  18. Un Roble says:

    Hey the split EP with blackbird raum and Hail Seizures! was finally released under my label Go Records! you can buy it from the band on tour or from my site

  19. Un Roble says:

    Hey! my record label Go Records! Just put out a split with Hail Seizures and Blackbird Raum! They have it on tour but if you already saw them on tour and they didnt have it you can get it here

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